The UNM ESJC was created to open opportunities for students (undergrad and graduate levels) and researchers to interact and learn more about current ideas and projects and also to discuss relevant research in the scope of exercise science.


Open to any person interested to learn more about research projects being  conducted in the Exercise Science Program. It is also a forum to review and discuss relevant published manuscripts identified by journal club members to enhance the knowledge in the Exercise Science field.


Members of the ESJC will meet semimonthly (every two weeks) on Thursday at 12 pm in the teaching lab of the Exercise Science Program (Heyward Teaching Lab). Every meeting will last from 12 pm to 1pm. See the schedule for the Fall semester of 2016 below.
A manuscript or project will be e-mailed to the registered journal club members at least one week in advance of the meeting. A member will deliver a 30-minute PowerPoint presentation which will be followed by 30 minutes of open discussion. An assigned moderator will facilitate and direct group discussions.


Dr. Fabiano Amorim, Dr. Ann Gibson and Dr. Christine Mermier.


Please contact Fabiano Amorim by email at amorim@unm.edu with any questions.


  1. October 6th of 2016 - Nick Beltz: Comparison of hemodynamic and metabolic responses during self-paced and traditional graded exercise testing protocols.
  2. November 3rd of 2016- Jeremy McCormick: will present on his work with Grape Seed Extract and HIV patients
  3. November 17 of 2016 Kurt Escobar is presenting a research proposal entitled "MOTS-C profiles in divergent populations based on trained-state and age".
  4. December 1 of 2016 Tony Nunez will present: Physiological Response to the Integration of High-Intensity Interval Training and Two Different Circuit Weight Training Protocols